Social Media Cheat Sheet

by Marvin McTaw

If you follow us on Twitter or participate in Twitter Talks then you know I am pretty skeptical on Pinterest. I’ve recommended most event organizers wait a year before trying to incorporate yet another network into their social media efforts. With that background, I came across this great social media cheat sheet on Pinterest today.

While it’s aimed at “small businesses” most conferences, festivals and events are essentially small or medium sized businesses so the tips and tricks are applicable.

Source: via Ash on Pinterest

One of my favorite elements of the cheat sheet was the “How To Begin” as I think that’s the biggest hurdle for most organizers and event marketers. I also found the diagram at the bottom be incredibly useful in understanding the relative size of the various networks.

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What did you find helpful about this cheat sheet? Is there any additional advice you would give to event organizers, marketers or association professionals? Do you already incorporate any of the cheat sheet’s advice? What was your favorite tip?

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