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Sched.org Partners with International Society for Technology in Education

ISTE LogoThe International Society for Technology in Education (“ISTE”) is the premier membership association for educators and thought leaders on the cutting edge of technology in teaching. We’re huge fans of education, from Jedi training to Harvard PhDs which makes us super excited to announce our partnership with ISTE. 

ISTE members include individuals, affiliate organizations, and corporations:

  • 18,500 individual members from more than 80 countries worldwide
  • 80 affiliate organizations
  • 6 affiliate regions worldwide
  • 50 corporations worldwide

If you are an organization focused on delivering or implementing technology in education then what are you waiting for? Join ISTE today!

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Daddy, Are You Cheating On Mommy With Sundance?

We’re pleased to introduce Christopher Holland (@stomptokyo) as our new Execution Director.

Chris Holland

Texas, Disney & Blogging 

Chris hails from Austin, TX, where he lives with his wife, two daughters, and several dozen Disney Princess dolls. Chris started one of the very first movie review blogs (long before the word “blog” existed), Stomp Tokyo. The site was hailed by the New York Times as “a place to indulge one’s questionable cinematic taste.” Chris and his co-author Scott Hamilton published a compendium of reviews entitled Reel Shame: Bad Movies and the Hollywood Stars Who Made Them.

Film Festivals, My One True Love

Austin Film Festival BadgeChris fell in love with event marketing while on staff at the Austin Film Festival. He then spent six years working with hundreds of film festivals including Sundance, AFI Fest, and Fantastic Fest as the Director of the Festival Genius project at B-Side Entertainment. In 2008 Chris wrote a marketing and festival strategy handbook for filmmakers called Film Festival Secrets. He has helped dozens of filmmakers take their films to successful runs on the festival circuit.

The Executioner

In his new role, Chris will help organizers find and implement Sched.org’s software and services for their events.

"I’m really looking forward to working with all kinds of events to improve the attendee experience and reduce organizer workload. Sched.org shifts the focus from running a website to running a great event.”

- Chris Holland

Please help us in welcoming Chris to the Sched.org team!

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The (Registration) Hype Machine [FEATURE UPDATE]

What’s In This Post?

  • Eventbrite integration updates
  • Synchronize registered events
  • Directly register for events 

Event Registration

One of the features event organizers love is the ability to add calls to action for their attendees with the Custom Button field. The custom button is typically used for handling external links to evaluations, RSVP’s and registration pages.

Tickets In Your Sched.org App

Well now, if you you place an Eventbrite link in the Custom Button field, you will receive a special treat: your registration page embedded right on your Sched.org application. This update allows your attendees to perform the reservation or registration while on your site browsing the schedule, speakers and all sorts of other content. The widget shows all over the schedule including in the tooltip windows and on the dedicated session pages.

Eventbrite Ticketing Page Embeded

Eventbrite Account Synchronization

Your attendees can now also connect their Eventbrite account and automatically synchronize their Eventbrite registrations with your event so that those sessions will be updated on their personal schedules!  

Perfect For Film & Music Festivals

These updates are ideal for film festivals, music festivals (especially with showcase formats) and other events where additional registrations are required. 

To Learn More…

Hop over to Eventbrite’s blog to learn more and see how this integration is being used to keep track of the hundreds of unofficial parties and shows for SXSW!

Tell us on Facebook, Twitter…

What do you think of this integration? Any suggestions to make it even better?

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Embeds For Everyone! [New Feature]

Every event has it’s net promoters:

  • The enthusiastic attendee who simply loves what you do
  • The strategic speaker looking to build interest for his/her session
  • The incredible sponsor who wants everyone to know they are involved
  • The savvy exhibitor looking to promote their presence at your expo booth. 

Now it’s easier than ever to let those attendees do your marketing for you with the Sched.org public embeds!

Example of embedded schedule

All Sessions & Personalized Plans

The embeds will allow your attendees to easily share not only the overall event schedule but also their personalized plans! It’s great way to help build an audience for your event by tapping into your attendees’ and partners’ networks.

Read More

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Embed It Like Beckham!

What’s In This Post?

  • Embed Sched.org Into Your Event’s Website
  • Replace Portions Of Your Event’s Website
  • Enhance Your Existing Event Website
  • Control Your Attendees’ Experience 

    Embeds Just Like A YouTube Video

    You can now easily embed your sched.org website into your event’s website, just like a YouTube video. The embed will allow you to retain your conference or festival’s branding and give you added flexibility to either replace pages on your website or enhance your existing site. This is a great solution for those not familiar with HTML/CSS and let’s your Sched.org site easily adopt your event’s branding

    Copy, Paste, Done!

    The embed code is extremely flexible and available with variety of flavors including with or without the Sched.org sidebar, with or without a fixed width and is incredibly easy to implement. Simply copy a small snippet of code to a page on your website and voila! You now have your Sched.org tools embedded on your website!

    Replace Or Enhance Pages

    You can use the Sched.org embeds to replace portions of your website or simply to enhance your existing pages. For example, you could replace your existing static speaker directory with Sched.org’s dynamic speaker directory or embed a speaker’s presenting schedule directly on your event website’s page dedicated to that speaker. 

    Control The User Experience

    The embeds also allow you to control the default view you choose to have your attendees interact with. For example, instead of the sched.org default view, you could embed the Grid View as the default view for your schedule. 

    Where Can I Find It?

    The embed code is accesible in the administrative portion of your Sched.org site. You can find the code directly in the Dashboard or in Settings » Embed

    Contact us if you have any questions

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    Unlimited Event Apps & Monthly Plans Now Available

    You’ve asked for it and now we’ve got it: monthly plans with unlimited events (conferences, festivals, meetings, etc). The monthly plans are ideal for those looking to offer five star solutions with a half-star budget. The unlimited plans are great for anyone planning more than one event and for organizations interested in offering our tools for attendees at smaller scale events like internal meetings.

    Interested in learning more? Click Here or Contact Us

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    The Feedback Loop: Global Profile Genesis

    IMAGE: Global Profile Page

    Learning Through Iteration

    One of the more interesting aspects of running a software business is learning to iterate to improve your products. The iterations occur based off a feedback loop and one of the things we noticed in the behavior of our sites is that attendees would come to our marketing website targeted to event organizers. They would proceed to sign up for our free package under the assumption they were creating an account for the specific conference or festival. In reality, they were creating entire duplicate sites of existing events when all they wanted to do was create a personal schedule.

    Error Prevention Was Ineffective

    We were a little confused by this. We put in many safeguards to try and prevent this specific behavior including an Event Organizer verification page but attendees continued to come to our marketing website and create duplicate event packages.

    Google Analytics To The Rescue

    After reviewing some data, one of the things we discovered is that many users would come to our marketing website and manually type in “sched.org/login” so we created a page that existed at this URL with some great new functionality.

    Google Analytics Image

    Problem Solved

    This new page allows you to log in to the sched.org marketing site, see all the events you’ve attended and all the events where you’ve been assigned a role like a Speaker. It doesn’t yet have everything we want it to have, but it’s a great start for something that never before existed!

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    A Little Tour (Video)…

    This is a little tour video that we’ve been working on. What do you think?

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    For each [presentation], he applies his five-second rule: he puts a slide on a screen, removes it after five seconds, and then asks the viewer to describe the slide. A dense slide fails the test—and fails to provide the basic function of any visual: to aid the presentation.

    By applying his simple rule, Mr. Khosla is addressing two of the most important elements in presentation graphics: Less is More, a plea all too often sounded by helpless audiences to hapless presenters; and more important, the human perception factor.
    Vinod Khosla’s Five Second Rule, Forbes, 10/24/2011

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    Sched.org Is A Productive Web App

    Productive Web Apps Logo

    The Sched.org content management system has been listed and reviewed as one of the fantastic web apps that help solve the problems of event organizers!

    Sched.org allows event organisers to manage their schedule of events; create and maintain a website; and integrate social networking and mobile access. 

    Head on over to Product Web Apps to check out the review and give your own rating! 


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XO Cafe Noir (Patron Party) @ CMJ Music Marathon. What a great event! 

    XO Cafe Noir (Patron Party) @ CMJ Music Marathon. What a great event! 

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    Society For News Design Offers Mobile, Digital Program Schedule

    Check out this hilarious promotional and instructional video from the Society for News Design who is using our event management software this year.

    The excellent blog post can be found here

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