Map Mashup

Check out this mashup using the from Benevolent Media Festival. The mashup allows attendees to see events happening during the festival on a map. It’s complete with search, filters and is powered by the API. The mashup of Google Maps and festival data will make it easier for attendees to navigate activities happening in and around Washington, D.C. 

To learn more about Benevolent Media Festival go here.

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Track That! [Google Analytics]

Google Analytics Now Available In Sched.orgNow you can directly add your Google Analytics tracking code to your tools! Google Analytics is the premier website analytics tool used to track your website visitor’s behaviors. It’s an easy to use tool designed to provide you with  objective measurement of attendee engagement with your event. 

Objective Measures of Engagement

Our goal is to eliminate your event management headaches. One headache is not having objective measures of attendee engagement and interest in your event. If you don’t know what people are really interested in, then any action you take will be flawed. Google Analytics tracking coupled with the other reporting capabilities helps to slay this particular problem.  

To add your Google Analytics tracking code

  1. Go to Settings » Google Analytics 
  2. Input your Google Analytics Account Code e.g. UA-XXXXXX-XX
  3. Click the blue “Save” button 

Image: Add your Google Analytics Account code to your tools to measure attendee activity and engagement with your event

Sign up for a free site to view this and the other reporting capabilities.

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All our product updates and partnerships are designed to eliminate your event management headaches and impress your attendees. We’ve now simplified the event management experience even further with our Admin Console re-design.

The specific goals of this re-design are to help you:

  • Save time by providing direct access to the most common tasks: managing participants and sessions
  • Better understand your event with objective, high-value reports
  • Engage your active and important attendees

If you’d like to learn more or see the re-designed Admin Console in action, sign up free here.

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Privacy & Customization

We constantly hear that one of the main reasons conference and meeting planners like is the direct control over something that, in the past, they were only able to indirectly influence: their website’s content. One element that we’ve worked to provide even more control around is privacy, and we’re proud to announce the launch of even more granular privacy settings for events. Attendees can already make their personal accounts private and organizers have the ability to make all their tools private. For those organizers that choose to keep their tools public, however, we’ve released a bevy of new privacy and customization options including the ability to hide: 
  • The Attendee Directory: while your event stays public, a public list of who all the attendees are can now be made private.
  • Interested attendees per session: while knowing how many attendees are interested in a particular keynote, panel, or session, sometimes you don’t want attendees to see how many others are interested in going. Now you can. 
  • The Most Popular Sessions: if you feel like showing attendees what the most popular session among all attendees is playing favorites, you can now hide the list of most popular sessions. The sessions themselves will still appear in the overall calendar with all the others. 
  • Social sign in capabilities: Don’t want attendees to login via Facebook? Don’t let ‘em. 
  • Social Connect Features: Clicking this will disable all social features of your event, including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and LinkedIn. 
  • Personal schedule creation: Want to use your own login page, or limit access before your event. 
  • Comments: You can now disable comments on sessions. 

To learn more about customization options go to Settings » Privacy in the administrative portion of your site.  And let us know in the comments, or on Facebook & Twitter: what reasons have you had in the past to keep an event private?

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Price Cut, A-La-Carte Options & Package Updates

New Pricing

Our mission is to help you eliminate your event management headaches. Your direct feedback helps us to not only provide you with the best tools possible, but also to make sure we can serve events of all sizes. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce updates to our packages and pricing to make our services more cost effective for your organizations.

Price Reduction

We’ve reduced the price of our Professional Package from $1,999 to $999.


You can now customize your package with features from any package. For example, if you wanted to use the native mobile applications or reporting module, you can now obtain this on an a-la-carte basis. This will allow you to choose what makes the most sense for your event.

Package Rationalization

With the added ability to customize your package based on the features you want, we’ve decided to eliminate the Plus Package. If you’re an existing Plus Package customer you will still have access to all the features you purchased.

New Features & Pricing Info

To see full pricing (and all the new goodies we’ve released) go here and sign up for free. If you’re an existing customer, click the Packages & Add-Ons tab in the top right corner of the administrative section of your tools. You can also contact us if you have any questions. 

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Do *NOT* Piss Off These Attendees [NEW FEATURE]

What’s In This Post

  • Overview of the new Event Experts Report
  • Manage your event’s image 
  • Improve engagement metrics
  • Discover important attendees

Event Experts Report Now Available

Common Event Management Problems

Our team’s job is to eliminate your event management headaches because you have an incredibly difficult job. Some common headaches we hear from our customers include

  • Reputation: event organizers don’t know what people are saying about their conference, festival or meeting
  • Engagement: event organizers find it difficult to measure their audience’s engagement with their events
  • Who Matters Most: event organizers don’t always know the identities of the most important attendees

Uncommon Solutions

We’ve created the Event Experts Report to eliminate these problems and more through

  • Monitoring: see what your attendees and others are saying about your event online and in social media
  • Engagement Metrics: objective metrics to help you understand and improve your attendees engagement with your event
  • Important Attendees: determine and interact with the attendees that have the most connections, largest audiences and biggest influence 

Manage Your Event’s Reputation

Tweets About This EventThe Event Experts report includes real time summaries of what people are saying about your event on Twitter and on the web including websites, blogs and the press. This real time view can help you manage the perception of your event online and gives you tools to respond when required

Objective Measures Of Engagement

Important NumbersThe Event Experts report includes objective measures of  attendee engagement with your event like

  • Pageviews and unique visitors from Google Analytics
  • Total Accounts and Personal Schedules created 
  • Average number of sessions per personal schedule

The metrics included in the Event Experts report are not meaningless numbers. They are all metrics that you can directly influence and improve.

Attendees With Megaphones

Important AttendeesEvery event has it’s VIP’s but as an event organizer, you don’t always know who they are. The Event Experts report ranks your attendees based on their connections and social media influence. There are many ways you can use this list including:

  • Providing extra attention for high ranking attendees before, during and after the event
  • Monitoring the social media activity of high ranking attendees including Twitter feeds, LinkedIn updates, blog posts and Facebook timelines
  • Interact with high ranking attendees to leverage their connections and influence to help promote your event

Your Event Experts Report

Reports In DashboardTo access your Event Experts Report, click on the Reports tab in the top right hand corner in the Administrative Dashboard for your tools

Questions? Want to learn more? Contact us!

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Wordpress Plugins Now Available

Wordpress LogoWordPress software powers blogs and websites, like CNN & Yahoo, reaching hundreds of millions of users. Now, you can easily add your tools to your Wordpress website using our new Wordpress Plugin.

The plugin takes advantage of our existing embeds for event organizers and is extremely flexible allowing you to embed any page, adjust for any page width and control sidebar visibility.

The Wordpress plugin is a great extension of your tools and is designed to help eliminate your event management headaches. 

The Wordpress plugin is now available in the Advanced Customization Module and as part of the Professional Package.

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Not On The List? Access Denied! [New Privacy Feature]

What’s In This Post?

  • New privacy options for your tools
  • Only users you have added will have access
  • Keep information protected and/or provide priority/VIP access
  • Available in the Pro & Premium Packages

Open Isn’t Always Ideal

Event organizers are sometimes wary of making their tools public for a variety of reasons including

  • Competitors: general concerns about competitors seeing the overall schedule of events, poaching attendees, or determining your organization’s strategic priorities
  • Readiness: the schedule is still not settled and they aren’t yet ready to share with the public

Private Accounts Available

To help with these and many more concerns, we’ve released new privacy settings for your tools. You can now set your tools to Private. This means that your site will be closed to the general public and only users with accounts will have access. 

Selectively Open

This is an ideal solution for organizers looking to

  • Protect your event’s directory of attendees and other strategically important information from competitors
  • Sharing the conference agenda with select groups like speakers during the planning phases of your event
  • Hide your event’s information from search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo

Provide A Sneak Peek

You can also use this new feature to provide a sneak peek of your event’s schedule, lineup, speakers or exhibitors to a select group of attendees.

Private accounts are available in the Professional & Premium Packages

View Frequently Asked Questions Or Contact Us To Learn More

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Introducing Facebook Apps [New Feature]

Now you can get your tools on your Facebook Fan pageThe Facebook app is perfect for events looking to build their social media presence and is another tool designed to help engage your Facebook Fans. It’s also a great way to help further your social media marketing efforts!

The Schedule, Directories & More

The app will allow your Facebook fans to interact with all aspects of your event including: 

  • The Schedule: List, detailed, grid and venue-based schedule views  
  • Directories: Attendees, Speakers, Bands/Artists, Sponsors, Exhibitors and others
  • Connect: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare integrations
  • Interact: group schedules, connection finders and friend connect
  • Explore & Share: popularity charts, session details and social sharing
  • Exports: access print-ready versions, ical feeds, mobile versions, embeds 

…and much, much more! 

Easy Installation

The Facebook app installs directly on your Fan page and can be used both on the existing and Timeline based versions. Once installed, your attendees can access your app with one click from your Facebook Fan page.    

Facebook App Installed On Timeline Based Page

Want to see the Facebook App in action? 

Check out the Facebook App for SXSW!

Facebook Apps are now a part of the Premium Package or available on a standalone basis. Contact us if you’d like to learn more!

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Find More Friends With Foursquare [NEW FEATURE]

Now you can connect your Foursquare account to your account! This will allow you to see your Foursquare friends attending the event and the sessions they are interested in.

This addition to our Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn integrations will help you find even more friends and provide social context around the schedule of events.

Example: Social Connections

Example: Social Context 

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Fill Your Seats With GetPromotd &

GetPromotd Logo

One of our goals is to help you promote your events. It’s why we make it so easy for share on social networks and in a variety of other ways. We’ve now partnered with GetPromotd to take promoting your event to an entirely new level; helping you increase registrations and sell more tickets!

Enter Once, Reach Millions

GetPromotd saves you time and energy by submitting your event’s details to targeted networks, reaching millions of potential attendees. The network includes national and local websites, press, blogs and other publications resulting in greater awareness of your event.

Easy Tracking & Reporting

GetPromotd not only submits your events to its large and growing network, it tells you just how well your event did and where it’s being covered with reporting and analytics.

GetPromotd’s event syndication, marketing and promotion is now a part of’s Professional Package.

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The (Registration) Hype Machine [FEATURE UPDATE]

What’s In This Post?

  • Eventbrite integration updates
  • Synchronize registered events
  • Directly register for events 

Event Registration

One of the features event organizers love is the ability to add calls to action for their attendees with the Custom Button field. The custom button is typically used for handling external links to evaluations, RSVP’s and registration pages.

Tickets In Your App

Well now, if you you place an Eventbrite link in the Custom Button field, you will receive a special treat: your registration page embedded right on your application. This update allows your attendees to perform the reservation or registration while on your site browsing the schedule, speakers and all sorts of other content. The widget shows all over the schedule including in the tooltip windows and on the dedicated session pages.

Eventbrite Ticketing Page Embeded

Eventbrite Account Synchronization

Your attendees can now also connect their Eventbrite account and automatically synchronize their Eventbrite registrations with your event so that those sessions will be updated on their personal schedules!  

Perfect For Film & Music Festivals

These updates are ideal for film festivals, music festivals (especially with showcase formats) and other events where additional registrations are required. 

To Learn More…

Hop over to Eventbrite’s blog to learn more and see how this integration is being used to keep track of the hundreds of unofficial parties and shows for SXSW!

Tell us on Facebook, Twitter…

What do you think of this integration? Any suggestions to make it even better?

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Embeds For Everyone! [New Feature]

Every event has it’s net promoters:

  • The enthusiastic attendee who simply loves what you do
  • The strategic speaker looking to build interest for his/her session
  • The incredible sponsor who wants everyone to know they are involved
  • The savvy exhibitor looking to promote their presence at your expo booth. 

Now it’s easier than ever to let those attendees do your marketing for you with the public embeds!

Example of embedded schedule

All Sessions & Personalized Plans

The embeds will allow your attendees to easily share not only the overall event schedule but also their personalized plans! It’s great way to help build an audience for your event by tapping into your attendees’ and partners’ networks.

Read More

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Event Management Headaches.

The easiest way to publish your event schedule and manage your participants.
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