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Take a look at what SXSW looked like from a bird’s-eye view, from the total number of events to info on the average SXSW attendee. My favorite: even if you completely gave up sleep, you’d only have 240 hours to experience over 10,000 hours worth of fun.

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Facebook Is For Women, LinkedIn Is For Men

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I just finished going through this presentation which has been sitting in my queue for quite a while. Frankly, its long (167 slides) but its got some great research from a huge global sample size in it. I’ve included an embed above but I recommend thumbing through it on the Slideshare site here as there’s some smaller text on the graphs that is harder to read in the smaller version above. I’ve included highlights below if you don’t feel like going through all the slides but I recommend it anyway. 

Social Media Around The World Highlights

Social Networks - General
  • ~100% aware of Facebook, and average user spends 30+ min on per day
  • ~80% aware of Twitter but only 16% use it
  • Ever heard of Vkontakte? It’s huge in Eastern Europe with 39% market penetration
  • 37 minutes is average time on Facebook
  • 7% of people intend to quit at least one social network
  • 53% of users on Facebook are women while 56% of users on LinkedIn are for men
  • There is a symbiotic relationship between Facebook & Twitter: usage time increases on both networks when using the other
  • West Europe lags in social network penetration
  • Brazil and India have the highest awareness and penetration
Your Event On Social Media
  • People prefer people above brands: organizations should put personal identity above of institutional identity in social media to improve their efforts
  • Consumers prefer to react to brand updates rather than start a conversation with brand themselves
  • Lack of personalized contact is main reason for de-friending 
  • 57% of people friend a brand in the US
  • Media & entertainment are the most popular for following brands
  • People follow a brand for direct personal benefits like discounts
  • 42% had conversations with brands on social networks
  • Content planning and regular content updates are a way to increase the engagement
  • Social networkers are generally younger
Connections To Brands
  • >50% people are connected to brands
  • Don’t waste your money acquiring fans via advertising
  • » People become a fan because they like the product, not because of advertising
  • 36% post content about brand on social network
  • 44% is asking to take part in co-creation of products & advertising
  • Consumers prefer email to social networks to ask questions of brands
  • Women consult more often about products and brands than men
  • Offline brand experiences are the best online conversation starter
  • » Idea for event planners: discuss prior experiences at conferences & festivals as conversation starters
  • People prefer to share positive brand experiences on social media (61% of survey respondents)… followed closely by negative experiences (46%)
  • Positive experiences reported to have the highest impact on buying intention
  • » This is why it’s important to have social proof for your events
  • More than half of people are willing to share feedback (61% social networkers vs 52% all respondents) with email being the preferred method followed closely by websites
Employees: Use Them As Ambassadors On Social Media
  • 2 out of 3 employees is proud about their employer but only 19% share stories on social media
  • In the US, 63% of employed social networkers are proud of the company they work for
  • In China, 75% China of employed social networkers are proud of the company they work for
  • 50% of employees announce events
Mobile, Apps & Location Based Services
  • Most used apps are social network apps
  • » Does your event have one of the 25 apps installed on a users phone? Is it one of the 12 apps actually used by smartphone owners? 
  • Only 12% use location based services (“LBS”) like Facebook Places & Foursquare
  • 20% of LBS users check in daily
  • Smartphones have more intense social media usage
  • 69% of people with smartphones follow brands on Social Media 
  • LBS is still niche @ 12% penetration of SMARTPHONE users (Slide 145)
  • Facebook Places is the best known location based network and is used by 8% of the population in West Europe
  • People expect local promotions, things to do, background info from LBS
  • 37% of people don’t use LBS because of privacy concerns

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